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Architectural Technologist and/or Architectural Designer

  • Strong experience in custom home design and build work.
  • Versed in conceptual design: including handling client requirements, translating them onto paper and applying building code and budgetary restrictions to make those concepts practical.
  • Versed in the Ontario Building Code.
  • Have a solid Portfolio (digital required for phone call screening, print portfolio required for interview).
  • Strong command of the English language
  • Very strong 2D and AutoCAD - working drawing skills, strong knowledge and application of the OBC in working drawings.
  • Strong knowledge of 3D rendering and Revit.
  • Quickly take consultant or Architect feedback and work into drawings.
  • Relay field / site information quickly into working drawings.

Location: Markham

Experience: Senior, Intermediates are welcome.

Freelancers and contract workers welcome!

Robert Chlebowski