AMC Services
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Our Services

We offer three distinct levels of valuable service for every aspect of the business strategy: Talent Aquisition, Contact and Interim Personel & Marketing. 

Our Services

We offer three distinct levels of valuable service for every aspect of the business strategy: 

  1. Talent Acquisition

  2. Contract and Interim Personel

  3. Marketing



AMC Services will endeavour to maximize your return on human capital investment by leveraging our experience of mapping out candidate talent across regions and by skill set, specific to the Architecture, Design & Construction industry and to the requirements of your company.

Our Aim as a service focused organization, is to add distinct value to your company’s talent acquisition strategy. Our goal is to leverage:

  • Our experience and specialized knowledge in the recruitment of Engineering, Architecture, Design & Construction professionals; and
  • Our global networks of Candidates and Clients (Architects, Designers, Engineers, Project Managers etc.)

When evaluating the capabilities of AMC Services in comparison to other firms seeking to partner with your company, we are confident in our ability to deliver superior service that will maximize the return on your human capital investment.

Phase I: Introduction

This phase is Pre-Candidate, it is the phase in which we interview the client. This is to ensure we fully assess the client's needs and expectations for the candidate search. In this phase we will work with the client to:

  • Review Terms and Conditions
  • Meet and Greet at the client office for environment & culture assessment
  • Review existing employment packages
  • Write Job Descriptions
  • Assess salary expectations for the role in the marketplace Generate comprehensive employment packages
  • Manage client expectations on market and candidates within that market

Phase II: Candidate Search

Once we have all information we require on the role and the needs of the client, AMC sets to work on searching for the right candidate fit. During this phase we ensure the following:

  • Candidates are pre-screened & qualified with interview questions specific to the client requirements
  • Ensure candidates understand the client's role in full detail Put forward minimal candidates "best fit" only to the client for them to review
  • Coordinate all interviews and follow up calls Diligently work with the candidates and the client to negotiate fair salary and employment packages
  • Perform reference checks on candidates

Phase III: Integration

Once a candidate has been placed, we take our service to another level. We provide 1 week, 1 month and 3 month follow up calls to the client and the candidate alike. This is to ensure that there is a smooth integration of the candidate into the client's work environment and culture. At this phase if there are any last minute questions, concerns or situations that arise, AMC will be able to work on a solution with both parties.


Contract/Interim Personnel

We understand that a permanent candidate may not be feasible at all times. AMC has a network of Contract workers for a variety of pivotal roles such as;

  • Controllers
  • Human Resources 
  • Health & Safety Specialists
  • Estimators
  • Site Superintendents
  • Project Managers

AMC works with your company to hire interim personnel during “busy” periods, maternity leaves, sabbaticals and any other temporary vacancies


AMC will work with your company on rebranding, website updates, seminars and association events around your geographical area, networking and business development

  • Introducing the client to innovative and new marketing companies
  • Networking with existing network or reaching out to new network to help in business development efforts
  • AMC client networking events to allow clients in various roles the opportunity to meet with one another
  • Emailing seminars and events that are directly associated with the client to help them reach informative and connective events.